Monday, June 28, 2010

Tuesday Morning Breakfast

Hello hello,

Sorry no pictures but I will do the typing. Tuesday morning, what did I eat?Well, for the last 3 weeks or so, whilst I was sick, I have swapped cold breakfast to hot ones. Instead of my usual nutrigrain cereals with milk for breakfast, I have swapped to Uncle Toby's nutty oats.

Oats + Nut flakes (hazelnut & almonds I think)
Microwave for 90 seconds (I do it only for 60seconds, because I don't like the guey texture) Leave it slighly milky
Half a banana - cut in slices

And because I don't like it just like that, I threw in a handful of nutrigrain for the crunch.

So, that's my breakfast every morning for the last month. Hot Breakfast.
And, oh, I end it with a cup of Milo or Green Tea or something.

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